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The GreenShelters “Smart” Construction System (GSCS)


To develop a DESIGN and BUILDING SYSTEM capable of producing the best possible high quality Shelter for the least amount of cost to the owner and the environment.


To DESIGN and BUILD Small, Modular, Expandable, Panelized, Modified-Timber-Frame, Off-the-Grid, Do-It-Yourself Homes between 150 – 1000 sqft. from Stock Parts & Materials using the Best “Green” Building Practices.


  • A Series of Small Houses from 144 to 1000 sq-ft. with or without Porches and Utilities.
  • Cost Estimates and Complete Plans for each selected alternative.
  • The Support Services necessary to construct them successfully.
  • Base Model (from 144 to 384 sq-ft);
  • Porch Configuration (Front; Front/Back; Full-wrap-around)
  • Utility/Service Package – PEP
    (Plumbing, Electrical, Propane)
  • Site Layout
  • Frame Up
  • Dry In (Window/Door Selection)
  • Secure Lock Up
  • Install Utility/Service Package – PEP
    (Plumbing, Electrical, Propane)
  • Insulation/Paneling
  • Seal Up (Roofing/Siding)
  • Finish Carpentry (External/Internal)

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